Scams Or Not?

Scams Or Not?

Here we have a list of services we are testing the water with,

unlike the services on our portfolio drop down menu the services listed here we do not now if they are scam websites or not at this stage, so if you do get involved with one of the sites here please only invest what you are prepared to lose. There are many scam websites online with this page we intend to expose them as scam or find out how genuine they are.

Our best advice if you really want to join a service listed below would be only invest what you are prepared to lose, because you most likely will, so only invest what you can afford to lose, and as soon as you can get your original investment back out, do so, then just play about with whats left in there, knowing you have at least broke even.

This then gives you the chance to profit from them, one day reinvest whats made and another withdraw whats been made, this making sure you profit from them.

They will convince you to put more in, and so will profiting from them, but lets change the game on them, rather than them seeing what they can get from us, lets see what we can get from them, but always make sure if you do feel the need to get involved to deposit what you will not miss with priority to get that back out asap leaving some in to give you the chance to profit before they close the doors.




Here is our scam or not list   –   BitSolid   –  Bitviper   –   Hexabot   –   Investellect   –   Crypto Cactus   –   BestCoinInv   –   Bitrade   –   Tech x   –   Crypto Blaze   –   Hexabot   –   Octoin   –   Coinmonsoon   –



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CoinMonsoon CoinMonsoon is the lucrative and effort-less opportunity to make money on crypto currency market. They work on the principle of minimum risk maximum return and share profits from crypto currency trading with all members who letting them trade with higher leverage. Deposit Bitcoin to your Coinmonsoon account from your wallet, Buy trading profit share …

ICO Master

ICO Master If your struggling to pick out what ICO’s to target then check out ICO Master. The investment platform ICO Master Foundation SA is one of the leading companies in financing tokens of new and promising cryptocurrencies at the stage of start-ups. 3 directions of investing within the platform The company provides a unique …


Investellect Is investellect a scam or not, lets test the water. If you have had any dealing with this service good or bad okease share them on our youtube vides for this service, you can just click the youtube link in the video to get there if you want to leave your thoughts in the …