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New ICO’s

New ICO’s


Below you will find lots of new ICO’s that have caught our interest, some offer coins and some offer tokens, with tokens you get shares in the company and shares of the profits from the companies offering tokens.


We could list hundreds of ICO’s but we try to filter them down to the best and more profitable ones.


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There are lots of great potentials for huge profits with the ICO,s below

Check out the ones you fancey and make sure your bookmark the timer for the next round, it can be more annoying missing them than not being able to buy them in ICO stage.

Please note, we do only list ICO,s we are getting involved with ourself.




Libra Coin – ICO Starts Monday 11th December 2017


Click here to check out Libra Coin






Programs that ensures that Bitfinite coin demand remains at peak
• Bitfinite Lending
• Bitfinite staking
• Bitfinite Trading
• Bitfinite Lottery
• Bitfinite Marketplace

Click here to check out Bitfinite





Legend Coin – Live Now, Book Mark The Times


Check out Legend Coin here





Goldgate – ICO LIVE NOW We Are In


Click here to check out Goldgate Whitepaper





Octoin – Live Now And Ongoing

Theres loads already going on here even the chance to use there own trading software to profit with many currencies and also there own coin

Check out Octoin here





Steneum – ICO Live Now Next Round Monday 11th December


Click here to check out Steneum White Paper







Lendconnect have been monitoring the cryptoverse for quite some time now and with the recent development regarding the lending ICOs they almost feel compelled to step in and give the market what it really needs. A platform that combines all the lending platforms in a way that simply makes sense.

Lendconnect are not just “another” lending platform among all the other platforms. They are the one that combines the possibilities of said lending platforms into one. By doing this, they aim to become the biggest player in every ICO there is right now and will be in the future. With you in the network you will not only make money by using the services, but also your network will grow extermely! It is all your choice!

Check out Lendconnect here






UCoinCash – Live Now, Book Mark The Times – Daily @ 3pm UK time

Recently added to our ICO list, coins available from just 0.82 when we listed here, we are looking forward to the lending platform starting here, lets just get some coins first to then watch the price rise soon as lending platform starts.

Check out UCoinCash here 





SFICoin – ICO Running Daily At 10am UK Time Until December 25th

We have just added SFI to our list of ICO we are taking part in, check out the white paper and see the potential ways to profit here including a lending platform that will start after the ICO.

Coin are starting at just $0.10 by the end of ICO 20th December they will be $0.90

Check out SFI Coin here





Escroco – ICO Ended Link Left For Reference


DavorCoin – ICO Ended – Now A Highly Profitable Lending Platform


NumivCoin – Live now Bookmark Times

Another chance to get in early here and multiply your investment many times over, with ICO still in early stages and plans for lending platform and staking to earn more from the coin after ICO.

Check out Numiv Coin here





USI – Live Now And Ongoing

With USI you can buy mining packages that pay out 140% on all oackages bought, and recently started selling tokens that offer rewards from there own trading bots.

Check out USI here





Crypto20 – Ended Link Left For Reference




Bankera – Live Now And Ongoing

Spectro Card are doing there own bank, called Bankera, if you buy tokens in ICO here then you will also be getting shares in the company in the respect of receiving 20% of all there transaction fees shared out to all token holders, so holding tokens here is like having shares in the company. This is a fantastic token to aquire, to be fair most on this page are.

Check out Bankera here







Check out GoldRewards here





You will find links to all ICO’s videoed above,
The earlier we get involved, the potential to make even more is very possible.


I am currently working on updating this page, thanks for your patience.