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Welcome To My Crypto Project .com

Since the introduction of Bitcoin and other new crypto currencies,

there have been a large number of extra ways to make cash online.

We are getting involved in as many services as we can in order to find the best

The aim of our website to to filter out the trash services to find the genuine paying ones.

Check our video for a small introduction to our website.

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Dont get swamped down with so many bitcoin scams and services


Make My Crypto Project Yours

My name is Martin Mcdonald, and I love the idea of making a passive income online.

Since the introduction of crypto currencies lots of new opportunities have opened up for us all to earn some extra cash with mining for these crypto currencies, and investing, trading and even lending.

And with the value of the world most popular crypto currency bitcoin set to soar, I want to get in early as I can as I am already a late starter, rather than think later “I wish I had started My Crypto Project years ago”

So with My Crypto Profject .com I intend to test as many services as possible that offer the chance to make extra chas with crypto currencies


If you are brand new to the crypto world and do not even have a wallet
then click this link for our easy start up page

Click here to see a list of services that I already know are not scams and will pay your coinbase online wallet.

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My Crypto Project .com


Start your passive income with the services listed below, only our favoured services in ur main portfolio can be seen below.




USI Tech is in MyCryptoProject portfolio,
This is by far our favoured investment service.

USI Tech

If you only ever joined one service to get involved with,
then you will never go wrong choosing USI Tech

Buy 140 day mining contracts, buy tokens
and other ways to make more inside.

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Reinvest Your USI Tech Profits to secure a better financial future



The Chain Group

Our favoured service from Chain Group is The Dragon Foundation, this service will have enough funds come 20th December and is one of the most profitable services the Chain Group offer, join today to avoid missing out on there most profitable service, there are a number of services with the chain group and they are all profitable.

Let the trading experts trade for you every day and leave you with daily profits.

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Click here to checkout Chain Group





Lending platform starts December 6th 2017, if you can get these coins cheap and hold for a while there should be some serious profits to be made, when the price of the coin rises then use some coins to invest in the leding platform, and just like bitconect, we can expect to make some real profits.

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Check out Davorcoin here





The Hextracoin is following the lending platform route to drive the price of the coin up, and it works, join now and get your first loan on the go, and profit with daily interest from the volitility software used by most lending platforms.

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Click here to check out Hextracoin





Here we have the chance to profit from a lending platform that started in March 2016, and still growing strong. When this service was in ICO stages the coins was available for just $0.16, when i typed this the price for the same cois was aroud $300.

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Check out Bitconnect here





This service has been making people wealthy since 2013

Here we have a professional Chinease trading company, making people millionairs with the easiest passive income possible. These guys are betting in the big markets and leaving us with daily profits on all we invest.

1.5% Paid Daily  –  min: $ 35  –  max: $ 299 invested

1.8% Paid Daily  –  min: $ 300  –  max: $ 5 999 invested

2.2% Paid Daily  –  min: $ 6 000  –  max: $ 19 999 invested

With more options paying upto 3.5% daily

All deposits are returned, so what you invest can also be taken back.

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Check out Yota here





Crypto Wallets

Before trying to make some exrta cash online with crypto currencies,
your going to need and online wallet to store and use your crypto cash.

I highly reccomend Coinbase, the worlds leading provider fully safe and secure.

Check out all our blog posts here regarding coinbase.

Click here to check out more online crypto curreny wallets




Mining Crypto Currencies

1) Genesis Mining

If you want to make money from mining bitcoin or other currencies the join Genesis Mining.

If you would like to know more about mining bitcoin and other crypto currencies click this link.
Make sure you check out the short video

Check out all our blog posts here regarding our own mining operation with genesis mining.

When you sign up with Genesis mining, if you use the discount code below you will get cheaper hashpower

Discount code is directly below this line of text.
Please copy and paste to your discount voucher link.




The discount code is on the line above this text,
If you use this discount code,

Please send me an email via contact page, and send me your discount code, 
then when I make more purchases myself, I will pick out the last one sent to me.

Check out these other mining services that are worth looking at and setting up more mining operations with.
If we keep reinvesting what we earn we will soon be accumulating and greater monthly returns.


My Crypto Project .com




2)     HashFlare – Buy Yearly Bitcoin Mining Contracts

You can take your daily profit here, or click the reinvest button to get your daily income higher over the lifetime of your contract. You can also mine many other crypto currencies with Hashflare.





3) ———-        Telco Miner

Start Your Mining Operation With Free Hashpower From Telco Miner,





——      4)     Hashing24


4)     Minergate


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Lending Platforms

Lending Platforms Here we have a list from all the lending platform we come accross, all these services start of with there own ICO, this is chance to buy the coins at a very cheap rate, then after ICO ends they start a lending platform based on lending there coins which drives the price of …

Muliplying Your Bitcoin

Multiplying Your Bitcoin We all like storing up our Bitcoin, and we all like to gain more, and here we can with some of the best services around that will multiply your Bitcoin. We invest Bitcoin with these services and they payout in Bitcoin, so the earlier we are in and the higher the Bitcoin …

New ICO’s

New ICO’s   Below you will find lots of new ICO’s that have caught our interest, some offer coins and some offer tokens, with tokens you get shares in the company and shares of the profits from the companies offering tokens.   We could list hundreds of ICO’s but we try to filter them down …