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Here we have a service that is paying out, and paying out well.

The number one service at the moment for paying out is Lendconnect.


With Lendconnect they are updating website on the 25th February with lots of new changes, and internal also due to open on that date too.

For now to get involved you need to purchase LCT from this exchange
Deposit a small amount of Ethereum in Lendconnect account in order to pay fees for sending LCT from this exchange
Then simply send you LCT from this exchange to the LCT website, and make your loan.

Buying coins at a cheaper rate than your make loan at insure you get more bang for your money.

EG – if you buy 100 coins now @ $1.50 per coin, you could put in @ $150 loan

But if you bought the coins @ $1.50 per coin and waited for the coins value to reach $10, you could then make a $1000 loan, with payouts every single day.

Click here to purchase LCT from the exchange

Click here to visit Lendconnect and maybe make your first loan.







Click here to visit Lendconnect