Mining for Crypto Cash


Stay away from 90% of bitcoin making scams, and join these services below that are 100% genuine and will load your bitcoin account with healthy daily profits.

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If your looking to make money online mining crypto cash

Then just check out these services below.

With most services all we do is buy the hashpower from them and they do all the mning for us with their multi million pound operations.

With most services minimum investment is very low, so giving everyone the chence to get involved and possibly make some serious cash on auto pilot.

If you have any experience with any of these services please do let us know how its going on our facebook page at


Before you start to make some cash from mining crypto currencies you will need somewhere for these websites to send your profits, I personally use coinbase and am happy to recommend them.

After you get you online wallet you may want to consider looking at the mining services listed below.


Lets get mining


When mining bitcoin we are helping to confirm other bitcoin transactions giving us small miners fees.

There are many scams out there so please be aware check out the links above for more ways to get free bitcoin.

But if your interested in mining bitcoin then check out the services listed below..

As I start to reinvest I will be keeping more updates with all the details you want to see

I started first mining contract on the 17th July 2017

This post was last updated 14th October 2017


For best results when mining


  1. Mine With Hashflare – Click the reinvest button here to watch daily income grow

  2. Mine With Genesis Mining – Use This Discount Code – nIfrCR

  3. Mine With Hashing24 – Get your simple lifetime contracts here

  4. We have a 4th still under testing that will soon be adding to My Crypto Projects daily income.


———-          My Crypto Project       



1) ———-        Hashflare


More than double your investment every year with hashflare, now with yearly contracts.

Its easy to get started with hashflare as minimum purchases are very low compered to some other mining services, you can get involved with a minimum investment here and just keep reinvest profits made with one simple click. We have more money invested with this mining service than any other below.

Click here to sign up with hashflare and start or grow your own mining operation,




2) ———-     Genesis Mining


When you sign up with Genesis mining, if you use the discount code below you will get cheaper hashpower

Discount code is directly below this line of text. Please copy and paste to your discount voucher link.



The discount code is on the line above this text,
If you use this discount code,

Please send me an email via contact page, and send me your discount code,
then when I make more purchases myself, I will pick out the last one sent to me.









3) ———-       Hashing24

This is the most expensive mining service so we favour any service above,
although we still use this service.





———-          Minergate












Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining   Genesis mining offer lifetime bitcoin mining contracts, that pay you initial deposit back after 6 months but continue to pay you until the mining of bitcoin ends. Other cryptos can be mined with genesis mining to.   Copy and paste this discount code for cheaper hashpower “nIfrCR“ Click here to start mining …


Hashflare Mining   With hashflare mining all contracts are now for one full year. It is possible to make one investment here and click reinvest option, this will insure your daily payouts grow even larger, and if the bitcoin price keeps going up then so will our daily payout again. We have over $600 invested …