What I am likeing about this new crypto world
is the fact there are lots of services that run there own lotteries.

My Crypto Project takes part in many every week,

some with more interest than others.

My Crypto Project recommends the lottery run by FreeBitCoin.
FreeBitCoin is a free bitcoin faucet, so the more claims you make the more free lotto tickets you get, plus you can spend your faucet claims on more tickets, The jackpot has been as high as 2.5 bitcoins.

FreeBitCoin hold there lottery every Sunday evening,

if you look in the right hand column,
you will see how many lotto tickets we have for the next draw.

Click here to start collecting your free tickets.






Another great lottery service is YetAnotherBitcoinLottery


Claim Free Bitcoins

You can claim your free Bitcoins whenever your balance is lower than 200 satoshi and the claims are limited to a maximum of 200 satoshi in 5 minutes.


Try the instant lottery pick just a few numbers

and try your luck with the free bitcoin faucet rewards.

Its Fun And Free







Here is another great lottery service run by faucethub.


Faucethub is a website that holds all your micro payments from services you visit with faucets, all the free claims you make are sent here and here is were you can withdraw your payments from free faucet visit.

Sign up with faucet hub

then visit our hot list of bitcoin faucets daily to claim lots of free bitcoin.

Use this to purchase your lotto tickets on site.

And with you money sent here you can buy lotto tickets for the in house lottery run every 5 minutes, when I am running through my list of free faucets to claim from i also have this lottery page open and keep buying 3 lotto tickets, I have come 2nd a number of times now, still not got the first place, yet!!!

Come and get invovled with a great lotto service from Faucethub.






Check out Crypto Games

With crypto games you can claim 300 satoshis a maximum of 10 times per day.

This is a great way to save up some nice stakes to have a good wager on the casino.

There are many games here to choose from, just save them stakes up before you get involved for best results.

Click here to get involved with Crypto Games




Free Bitcoin Lottery

Free Bitcoin Lottery   Sign up, collect from free faucet and get free lotto tickets. Claim from the free faucet every hour.     The lotto draw is every Sunday around tea time. Click here to sign up with freebitcoin   If you have any luck with the free bitcoin lotto let us know below. …

Yet Another Bitcoin Lottery

Yet Another Bitcoin Lottery     Three different lotteries in one, two of which are free to enter, with one premium service where the more numbers you pick the higher the price of the ticket. Click here to check out YABTCL Good luck hitting a big win!   Here is another lottery, collect from free …