On this page you will find many bitcoin and other crypto investments. Here we have services that are already in our portfoilo and we use on a regular basis to make profits, and other services we are currently testing out to see if we are happy to use them on a regular basis and then add them to our portfolio.


If you would like to join us with our fututre investments
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Our best investment upto now, is with Davorcoin.



Davorcoin – Recommendation = Add To Your Portfolio

Davorcoin is now a highly paying lending platform, sign up make a loan and get daily interest on the loan made, at the end of loan term you will even get you full deposit back.

We bought 100 coins in ICO stage for $96, held them till price of coin hit $25, then put in a $2500 loan that now pays us around $50 per day.

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We use coinbase to buy and use our bitcoin


We use Spectrocoin to spend our bitcoin via prepaid credit cards





USI Tech is in MyCryptoProject portfolio,
This is by far our favoured because most Reliable.

If you only ever joined one service to get involved with, then you will never go wrong choosing USI Tech

Reinvest here to secure a better financial future with USI






If you would like to join us with our fututre investments
check out the services we are investing in here



Bankcoin There are so many reasons we want to get involved with Bankcoin.  SAVING – Earn Daily Interest on BankCoin Saving STAKE – Earn Interest on BankCoin Staking TRADE – Make profit with BankCoin Trading MINE – Make profit with BankCoin Mining TRADING BOT – Trading Bot constantly monitors trading behaviors LOTTERY – Global anonymous blockchain Lottery LOANS – 2P2 Loans Platform …

Capital Expanse

Capital Expanse Click here to purchase Capital Expanse CPX  


Davorcoin   Davorcoins fall from grace, wowsers from number 1 spot to closed services, has it scammed out for good or will they come back like they say they intend to, who knows. My Crypto Project was reliant on Davorcoin, but as we got in ICO stage and managed to get a good loan in …

Farst Network

Farst Network Farst Network have created their own trading bot called The-Ocean-GarbageCollector (TOGC) robot. TOGC has been researched and tested since May 2017 and has overcome many waves of the cryptocurrency market with a winning rate of 95%. This service will have a lending platform that pays out upto 47% per month, and is a service we …


Goldgate Goldgate Investment Four Investment Opportunities of Goldgate Coin (BGG) bring a substantial interest to people who store, invest their wealth to receive interest on their balance in return for helping maintain security of the network.   Good potential returns, profit up to 48% Lending provides a good potential return; up to 48% per month …


HextraCoin WHAT IS HEXTRA COIN? We are the digital money that is going to change the financial world in the future. The Hextracoin system is “Peer to peer” network. There is no server for this network and this network type does not stratify the priority of connected computers. Every computer has equal rights to work …


Lendera Check out our videos to see why we are targeting LendEra This service uses arbitrage betting software to fund the lending platform that will be paying us upto 42% interest each month plus upto 0.3% bonus when we make loans out to the Lendera platform. Lendera promise to hold most spare cash in order …


Loopx Check our video to see why we are targeting Loopx ICO. Not only will the total supply of coins be held after ICO as only 10 Million available, but this service is run by a team of profesionals, creating there own trading algorithms and software, that has taken 2 years to develope and fine …


Monyx This service looks like it will be the highest paying lending platform we have come accros yet, and if we are able to buy the coins for as cheap as possible in ICO stages then we will be able to put in massive loan amounts that will pay us upto 60% a month. This …


Seigneurcoin We have decided to target Seigneurcoin ICO. There are so many reasons to get behind this service, after they leave ICO they will have a number of ways for us to profit. Not only the fact we get coins as cheap as we can now to then put in higher loans later with their …


Secular Secular have a goal of creating a mining farm that people can purchase hashpower from to mine crypto and make some money. For anyone wanting to use the mining farm they will need to purchase Secular coin to buy hashpower with, this driving the price of the coin up. The more people want to …

Teno Coin

Teno Coin Teno promise to have the highest paying lending platform. Another top ICO has come our way with Teno Coin, again we buy the coins in ICO stage as low as we can in order to put in a loan at a later date when the price of the coin is much greater than …