Fun And Games

Fun And Games

2018 is a great year for Crypto, and a great year for lots of new games and lotteries, below we have listed some of the best games we come across in the crypto world.

Some games are free and some games are wagered games, so you are able to win cash prizes.



Check out the Farst Network Game

05/01/2018 – Introduce Classic Lucky Room – 3 FRCT/Player – Non limit Players – Countdown 60s.

15/01/2018 – Introduce Master Lucky Room – 20 FRCT/Player – Each room has 3 players, players can create rooms – Countdown 60s.

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If you like poker, roulette, hi lo and many other games then this is the faucet for you,

Claim here are over 100 satoshis each time.

If you run out of bitcoin from your free claims wagering it onsite then soon as balance is zerod,
you get to make another claim.

How high can you get your free bitcoin with stake.

Click here to join stake and wager free bitcoin.






If you like lottery draws then check the next services out


FreeBitCoin Lottery.

FreeBitCoin is a free bitcoin faucet, so the more claims you make the more free lotto tickets you get, plus you can spend your faucet claims on more tickets, The jackpot has been as high as 2.5 bitcoins.

FreeBitCoin hold there lottery every Sunday evening, click here to start collecting your free tickets.

You can even wager your free faucet claims with the onsite hi low game.

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Another great lottery service is YetAnotherBitcoinLottery


Claim Free Bitcoins

You can claim your free Bitcoins whenever your balance is lower than 200 satoshi and the claims are limited to a maximum of 200 satoshi in 5 minutes.

When you claim your free Bitcoins:

  • The house edge for your games in our instant lottery will raise to 1%;

  • Minimum investment and withdraw values will be raised to 0.002 BTC;

  • You will not be able to create or buy quotas in pools.

  • The maximum rounds that can be advanced when playing an automatic game in our instant lottery will be reduced to 40.

Everything will go back to normal when you spend all your free Bitcoins.

Try the instant lottery pick just a few numbers

and try your luck with the free bitcoin faucet rewards.

Its Fun And Free