Sep 02

Free Bitcoin Lottery Tickets

Free Bitcoin Lottery Tickets

Hi guys,

There are many services on the web that you can have some fun with free bitcoin that you can then trade with or gamble with or in this case today buy lotto tickets with.

With freebitcoin you can log in each hour, and you are given free bitcoin, not much but with this you can then buy lotto tickets to the weekly bitcoin lottery.

My Crypto Project takes part in this lotto every week, check out haw many tickets we have in the right hand column for the next lotto draw held at freebitcoin.

Top Prize we have seen upto now was over 2.8 bitcoin

If your interested in getting involved with bitcoin this would be a great place to start.

Claim Free Bitcoin Lottery Tickets Here Every Hour

Another good point of freebitcoin is the website is totally advert free.

And the more you visit the website, the more free lotto tickets you get, you even get free lottery tickets just for claiming the free bitcoin each hour its offered.

You can even use this service to hold your bitcoin from other services until you get you own main online bitcoin wallet to buy sell and store your own bitcoins, and other crypto currencies.

I have found another good website this week, Eobot

With this website you can log in each day,

Visit free Faucet Page for free bitcoin every 24 hours.

This can then be used with to trade other currencies within the site.

Another bonus with this service is not only do they give out free bitcoin, usually just over 100 satoshis daily.

But when you log in each day they also give you one free dodge coin.

I have been exchanging my free bitcoin from this service to dogecoin, in the hope dodgecoin hits a nice price.

Its up over 30% since I started, so for My Crypto Project, we intend to log in each day from free bitcoin faucet collection to then exchange for dogecoin. We intend to keep this going and will keep you all updated.

Visit Eobot if you to are interested in free dodgecoin or free bitcoin to then trade with on site.

For now why not start your bitcoin fun with Freebitcoin
and get involved with the weekly lottery.

Best Of Luck

Martin Mcdonald

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Please note if you ever join one of these services via my crypto project .com then please do not hessitate to contact myself Martin via contact page should you need any assistance or advise regarding these services.