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My Crypto Project Mining Operation Results

My Crypto Project Mining Operation Results

Hi guys,

During the last few months I have tested the water with lots of bitcoin making services,

Try this one to start your bitcoin collection, they give you free bitcoin every hour, this you can use to wager with on there own website giving you the chance to win more bitcoin, for free, plus they have there own lotteries that you get to join free when making the free faucet claim.

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My Crypto Project main interest

is to see if its possible to create a healthy daily income from mining bitcoin.


When mining bitcoin we are helping to confirm other bitcoin transactions giving us small miners fees.

There are many scams out there so please be aware check out the links above for more ways to get free bitcoin.

But if your interested in mining bitcoin then check out the services listed below..

At the moment of typing this my daily income from 4 services is roughly £7 per day.

This does not sound a lot, and its not, but this is me testing the services to make sure they are not scams.

Now I am 100% sure these are genuine services I am ready to reinvest.

My weekly payouts from these three services is now roughly £28

My monthly payouts from these three services is now roughly £217

My yearly payouts from these three services is now roughly £2,555


As I start to reinvest I will be keeping more updates with all the details you want to see

I started first mining contract on the 17th July 2017

This post was last updated 14th October 2017


For best results when mining


  1. Mine With Genesis Mining – Use This Discount Code – nIfrCR

  2. Mine With Telco Miner – Get your first 15khs for free

  3. Mine With Hashflare – Click the reinvest button here to watch daily income grow

  4. Mine With Hashing24 – Get your simple lifetime contracts here

  5. We have a fifth still under testing that will soon be adding to My Crypto Projects daily income.


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