Nov 23

Is Crypto Cactus The Next Scam

Is Crypto Cactus The Next Scam

Here we are testing and videoing our experiences with a brand new service called Crypto Cactus, who claim to have a team investing in trading and mining in order to generate profits for it users. 

The payout are looking very interesting with deposit returned after just 5 days.

PLAN 01: Cereus
min: $5.00 – Max: $99.00
Profit (%): 5.00% Duration of deposit: 5 days

PLAN 02: Astrophytum
min: $100.00 – Max: $999.00
Profit (%): 7.00% Duration of deposit: 5 days

PLAN 02: Mammillaria
min: $1000.00 – Max: $10000.00
Profit (%): 9.00% Duration of deposit: 5 days


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Nov 20

IS Bitviper A Scam

Is Bitviper A Scam?

Bitviper have two dedicated traders dealing only in BTC/fiat, another two assigned to major alternative cryptocurrencies (or alt-coins) and one trader dedicated to researching and investing in various crypto-related ICOs or initial coin offerings. We have developed this platform with the intent of increasing the scale of our operation and offering attractive initial investment packages to early investors. An investment with us is an investment in the fastest growing cryptocurrency investment platform and these attractive plans will not be offered indefinitely so lock in your plan with a deposit today and start collecting dividends as soon as tomorrow.

PLAN 01 – DAILY PLAN  –  3.5% FOR 60 DAYS  –  TOTAL RETURN: 210%



For all plans: min. investment: 20$ – Max investment: no limit

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If you have had any dealing with this service please share your thoughts on the comments area below our videos for bitviper.


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Nov 19

Investellect Is Investellect Genuine Or A Scam


Is investellect a scam or not, lets test the water.

This service has been online for over 975 days and claims to have paid out everyone on time and every time

If you have had any dealing with this service good or bad okease share them on our youtube vides for this service, you can just click the youtube link in the video to get there if you want to leave your thoughts in the comments area below youtube video, or the facebook link below.


All videos listed below are for Investellect


This service has a number of investment plans from 1.2% daily for 60 days, right up to  1700% for a 120 day investment

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