Dec 01

Is Octoin A Scam?

Is Octoin A Scam?

I would not think so with all they have going on but who knows, so we have invested and will invest more in order for us to get comfortable adding it to our own portfolio or add it to scam list


  • OCTOINCOIN CRYPTOCURRENCY – The digital unit of the community, strictly limited in turnover, is available at the launch.

    MULTI-CURRENCY WALLET – A unique user tool for storing, making transactions, exchanging, and investing funds.


    INVESTMENTS IN ICO AND CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING – Investments in cryptocurrency with the maximum liquidity level.


    CRYPTOCURRENCY MINING – A number of equipment for the mining of various cryptocurrencies is available. The user chooses the cryptocurrency and the rental period of the equipment.


    P2P EXCHANGE – Exchange cryptocurrency between users, user-friendly interface, protection of the parties using the deposit, no commission.


    PARTNER PROGRAM – The company provides 7-level income and 7 partner statuses.


    UNIQUE MARKETING SOLUTIONS – A unique environment created by the resources of Octoin. It was never easier to promote a harmoniously constructed block chain service!


    NETWORK PROMOTION MODEL – Guarantee of stable development of the project and the cryptocurrency of OctoinCoin.


    OFFICIAL COMPANY – Maximum transparency for investors.


    NEWS & ANALYTICS – Opinions and expert advice, daily news feed.


    MULTILINGUAL TECHNICAL SUPPORT – Profit understandable in all languages!


    SECURITY – Protected accounts, two-factor authentication. Protection against DDoS-attacks and TLS-encryption.


    AUTOMATED PROCESSES – Platform with fully automated services.


    EASY-TO-USE INTERFACE – Convenient cabinet – with a large range of tools, the interface is accessible and simple for any user.

Check out Octoin here




Check out Octoin here






Nov 27

Is Techx a Scam?


Is Techx a scam, Please share your thoughts and experiences with this service, all pur own videos are listed from the day we joined up to the latest we have for them.



Modern growth of the processing power led to a considerable increase in complexity of AI program flows. Techx specialists keep daily track of the most attractive startup projects that use artificial intelligence technology and help them to realize their potential at international scale.



Current software startup projects in the area of trainable computer programs show really impressive results. Techx constantly monitor the situation on the high technology market, that is why we quickly notice the most promising areas:

artificial neural networks designing expert systems
intelligent robotics cybernetic systems


The idea to unite a variety of really great specialists from different areas starting from trivial financial consulting and finishing on sector-specific areas such as knowledge engineering under the brand name TECHX, and to design a platform for private investment on this base is a worthy concept that set the stage for something bigger than simple revenue generation.


Techx Offer many packages ranging from 3% profit right up to 20900% profit!!!!!!!


Check out Techx here



Check out Techx here


Nov 24

Is Bestcoininv A Scam?


Is Bestcoininv a scam – Bestcoininv claim to have operations in mining and also they trade cryptocurrencies in order to maintain daily incomes. They have 3 plans from which you can profit.


7%DAILY – MIN. 0.001 BTC – MAX. 10 BTC – FOREVER
9%DAILY – MIN. 10.001 BTC – MAX. 50 BTC – FOREVER
12%DAILY – MIN. 50.001 BTC – MAX.300 BTC – FOREVER

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Nov 23

Is Crypto Cactus The Next Scam

Is Crypto Cactus The Next Scam

Here we are testing and videoing our experiences with a brand new service called Crypto Cactus, who claim to have a team investing in trading and mining in order to generate profits for it users. 

The payout are looking very interesting with deposit returned after just 5 days.

PLAN 01: Cereus
min: $5.00 – Max: $99.00
Profit (%): 5.00% Duration of deposit: 5 days

PLAN 02: Astrophytum
min: $100.00 – Max: $999.00
Profit (%): 7.00% Duration of deposit: 5 days

PLAN 02: Mammillaria
min: $1000.00 – Max: $10000.00
Profit (%): 9.00% Duration of deposit: 5 days


Click here to check out Crypto Cactus


Check our Crypto Cactus here







Nov 20

IS Bitviper A Scam

Is Bitviper A Scam?

Bitviper have two dedicated traders dealing only in BTC/fiat, another two assigned to major alternative cryptocurrencies (or alt-coins) and one trader dedicated to researching and investing in various crypto-related ICOs or initial coin offerings. We have developed this platform with the intent of increasing the scale of our operation and offering attractive initial investment packages to early investors. An investment with us is an investment in the fastest growing cryptocurrency investment platform and these attractive plans will not be offered indefinitely so lock in your plan with a deposit today and start collecting dividends as soon as tomorrow.

PLAN 01 – DAILY PLAN  –  3.5% FOR 60 DAYS  –  TOTAL RETURN: 210%



For all plans: min. investment: 20$ – Max investment: no limit

Check out Bitviper here

If you have had any dealing with this service please share your thoughts on the comments area below our videos for bitviper.


Check out Bitviper here